the gustave collection


Gustave is a young shop, launched in 2021 in Paris by Maxime and Swan, two childhood friends passionate about art and creation. Offering art posters reproducing classic and current works, the catalog allows you to bring a touch of design to any interior. From Japanese prints to reproductions of young artists in the making, from Mondrian to Kandinsky, beauty is displayed everywhere. During lockdown, Swan and Maxime were still students in Paris. Passionate about art, they decided to use their available time to launch this project that they had been thinking about for a long time. Thus Gustave was born, named after the Gustave Courbet school where they met, more than 15 years ago. Among the classics are Japanese prints or masterpieces from the Bauhaus. The Parisian poster artist has recently welcomed the works of John McDonald, a Scottish painter known in particular for his painting Butterfly Cry, with whom Maxime and Swan have recently forged a partnership. Gustave began to make a name for himself and the poster offer was regularly enriched. “Our goal is to make artistic creation accessible to all, to reconcile art and decoration, and to support emerging artists,” explains Maxime.