the agapé studio collection


Agapé Studio was founded in Paris, France in October 2019, the name comes from the ancient Greek meaning "divine and unconditional love" representing everything the brand stands for. Under the influence of the French city's eternal elegance, their atelier produces high-quality but fairly-priced jewelry drawing inspiration from compelling stories from historic periods and their ornaments, objects, paintings, etc. 

Their top mission and goal is transparency, giving their loyal clientele, the insight into the jewelry-making process that you deserve. As well as to create luxury without taking a toll on Mother Nature. Their practice believes that there is enough gold, gemstones, and metals already accessible, rather than reproducing, they source their gold from sustainable, recycled batches that are kind to our planet. 

Each piece is molded with a brass base and as skin health is most important to the Agapé Studio, only sources noble materials that are guaranteed non-allergenic nickel and lead free. The gilding technique first begins with an ultrasound cleaning and then the piece is immersed in an alkaline tube, where a three-micron gold layer is laid upon the jewellery. This gives the piece it's unique color, their water-resistant finish, and the shine that lasts forever. Agapé Studio, confidently offers a two-year warranty against oxidation and gilding defects for their entire line of jewelry, providing their customers with the assurance that you will fully enjoy and appreciate the true worth of their jewellery.

All Agapé Studio pieces are delivered in an eco-friendly made vegan-leather pouch that can also be used as a pocket wallet, a jewelry case, or a small vessel to store valuable objects. When not personally wearing your Agapé elements, you can safely store them in the pouch to prevent them from loss, entangling or being affected by external elements.

Left for Davie is thrilled to be sharing the beautiful hand-crafted pieces from Agape Studio making them more accessible to Canadians, etc. Their gilding technique is something we don't typically see in North America and are very excited to add these pieces to our international collection. (free shipping is included with all Left for Davie jewellery orders)